Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stony Brook

I still have my blog.  Even after abandoning it, almost forgetting it.  Do these things never die?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another beginning, another ending.

Why I am at this blog again?  Does anyone blog anymore?  There was a time when I read the blogs of others regularly.  I'm hardly interested in my own now.  To blog or not to blog.....

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Down, but not out

I haven't left blogger, just am not keeping up on it. Though that may change when I buy a computer, which I may do by October....

Folk Fest was awesome, at least the one day I was there was. The weather was perfect. What a selling point. To sit under the shade of a tree while looking at a perfect blue sky and listening to great music, what a way to spend a day. I am totally sold on it.

Went to Kenora for a week and got the best tan of my life spending most of my time in the shade!! That sun is powerful. Am really glad I have air conditioning, or I wouldn't have survived the last week. And being near Kenora (but actually in the country) has spoiled my city life. I always knew I didn't want to stay here forever, but now I'm hankering to get out.
But I'll be here a while. Am getting out to cottage country for the long weekend though. Woohoo!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


BB boy got an airconditioner. Which means his windows are closed all the time. Yeah! Haven't had any incidences since May anyway.

I am going to the Folk Festival for the first time tomorrow. It's one of those things I was kind of interested in, but not enough to cough up the ticket price. But I scored a free ticket for volunteering!! So I'll go on Friday. It's even a day pass.

Umm...there was something else. But I forgot.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I saw a monarch butterfly a few days ago. It sat still on a lilac bush for a minute while I just gazed at it. It was wonderful. I've never had a chance to see one so close up for so long before. They have spotted bodies. I didn't know that before. It was a beautiful moment.

What a wonderful world.

Friday, June 01, 2007

We Don't Know Who He Is Or What He's Capable Of.....

OK. I know some of you were giving me that message already, but it sounds so much more serious coming from a cop. The BB dude shot at me again (on my birthday!! the nerve) and I called the cops the next day. When I asked about warning the neighbours, the above title is what she said. So that ended my flyer idea pretty quickly.

Thanks to rj's comment, I've been thinking very carefully about what it is to live in the inner city. And I realized, though I still insist that the fear of this area is overblown, I do live with a higher sense of caution here than I did when I lived in North Kildonan last year. I remember walking down Henderson Highway to the corner store, in the dark, once, and realizing I felt really relaxed. As I thought about it, I realized that was because there were no other people on the street (they were all likely too scared to come out of their houses), so I just felt really safe. I didn't have to worry if some person on the street was going to leave me alone or not. It was a nice feeling.

Having said that, I feel pretty safe everywhere in Winnipeg by day, although in my neighbourhood I do keep an eye out. I've been doing it so long, I don't really think of it any more. I want to emphasize I don't feel fear, for in seven years of walking the hookers' streets, past the worst Main Street bars (sometimes after 10pm), and passing by sniffers or sometimes waiting at the same bus stop as them, I haven't had any problems. Some of the sniffers and a hooker or two are people I've gotten to know a bit at church, and once you meet them, they're not so scary, though you have to be wise because people high on sniff are not always in control of themselves and can be dangerous.

Basically, I pray constantly. I literally and regularly ask God if it's a good idea to walk or not when going out at night, or on particular streets. Recently, my route for walking to church on Sunday became an issue. I like it because it is scenic, but there is prostitute action there that wasn't there before. I walked that way a couple of Sundays, making sure I didn't act like a hooker (meaning pay NO attention to the passing cars), then started to feel uncomfortable, and after praying felt I shouldn't go that way any more. This may seem like common sense and over-spiritualization to you, but I refuse to live in fear, and I wasn't going to back down just because I was beginning to get nervous. But having God confirm that I needed to stay out of there, I feel sure that I'm being wise, not just scared.

But I'm running out of computer time, so I have to go.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Cold

I still have a lot to say on the subject of airguns, "bad neighborhoods", and fear, but I'm not in the mood right now.

It's cold. I'm in Killarney at the library with my mom. The place still smells the same. I don't know if it's the old books or the old building, but this place has smelled this way for at least 30 years. It's kind of funny and comforting. I don't run into aromas very often that can take me down memory lane, but I can clearly remember being 5 in this place.

It's kind of fun.